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Gear Pump Pressure - HV202

Model: HV202
Gear Pump Pressure
Product details:  
Model Number: HV202   Place of Origin: Taiwan    Brand Name: JOLONG
Main points:    Air Operated Pressurized Fluid Pump

This machine is a portable/fixed type lubricator that is for pumping grease lubrication. If add Precise Dispenser, the dosing of oil pump capacity can be controlled precisely.  For service stations, engineering workshops, and armed forces etc.

2.Application markets:
Painting, Oilfield, Vehicle, Machine Tool, Wind Energy, Mining, Cement, Pulp and Paper, Printing, Food, Pharmacy Production, Health Care, Cosmetician Production, Chemical Production Machine, Metals, Steel, Agricultural Machine, Tire Manufacturing, Glass Manufacturing, Material Handling, Power Generation, Sugar Mills, Shipping Ports.

(1)Dual pneumatic cylinder structure design brings higher stability during operation, more average actuation force and smoother fluid output.
(2)Special design of follower plate which enables the follower plate and container can be combined tighter.
(3)The large output flow design is suitable for different production for large flow.

For your attention:
If, during the warranty period 12 months, any of the material of the genuine parts of this product or the workmanship of the product is found defective, and is do verified by Jo Long company, it is no doubt the servicing cost will be fully handled by Jo Long company.
Furthermore, this warranty does not cover the rubber parts, or other parts that are subject to wear in normal operation used in this product and its accessories, and malfunction arising from misuse or operating errors situation, or due to transportation, moving or unloading of the product after purchase, or other force majeure events.
According to your requirement, customized product will be provided to meet your satisfaction. Just tell us your need, we will give you best advice.

(1).capacity: 20L
(2).air input pressure: 3~7bar,40~100psi
(3).grease output pressure: 150~350bar,2000~5000psi
(4).pressure ratio: 50:1
(5).delivery rate: 26g/cycle
(6).net weight: 134kgs
(7).gross weight:174kgs
(9).outside diameter length: 800mm
(10).outside diameter width: 750mm
(11).outside diameter min. height: 1425mm
(12).outside diameter max. height: 1870mm

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Gear Pump Pressure

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