Hydraulic High Pressure Pump

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Hydraulic High Pressure Pump - HV102

Model: HV102
Hydraulic High Pressure Pump
Product details:    
Model Number: HV102   Place of Origin: Taiwan   Brand Name: JOLONG
Main points:    Air operated Pressurized fluid pump

This machine is a portable/fixed type lubricator that is for pumping grease lubrication for machines and vehicles.

(1)Dual pneumatic cylinder structure design brings higher stability during operation, more average actuation force and smoother fluid output.
(2)The design of the non-rubber seal can extract special fluids such as grease or ink.
(3)The pneumatic cylinder auxiliary press is suitable for high viscosity grease or the grease that hard to extract by normal pump.
(4)Suitable for original 5 gallon grease drum from every country.
(5)The large output flow design is suitable for different production lines or demand for large flow.

Technological aluminum alloy shiny silver and high-textured of Turkish tile blue with hammer finish.
Please be noticed:
This machine cannot be used for oil lubrication.
Please never allow the pump to run dry of material.  A dry pump will quickly accelerate to a high speed, possibly will damaging itself, if your pump accelerate quickly or is running to fast, stop it immediately and check the material supply.  If the supply container is empty and air has been pumped into line, prime pump and line with material.
Instruction list will be attached with the machine, please read them before starting the operation.
For daily maintenance, in manual lubrication way, please add light oil into Air Process Unit.  

(1).capacity: 20L
(2).air input pressure: 3~7bar,40~100psi
(3).grease output pressure: 150~350bar,2000~5000psi
(4).pressure ratio: 50:1
(5).delivery rate: 26g/cycle
(6).net weight: 90kgs
(7).gross weight: 124kgs
(9).outside diameter length: 800mm
(10).outside diameter width: 900mm
(11).outside diameter min. height: 1120mm
(12).outside diameter max. height: 1620mm

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Hydraulic High Pressure Pump

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