Hydraulic Internal Gear Pump

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Hydraulic Internal Gear Pump - OF204

Model: OF204
Hydraulic Internal Gear Pump
Product details:    
Model Number: OF204    Place of Origin: Taiwan   Brand Name: JOLONG
Quick details:    Air operated gear oil pump.

(1)Pump moves and oil suction are 2 separation systems.
(2)Use pneumatic pump, no need for electric power.

Structure Characteristics
Pump it cannot exceed the maximum working pressure of the lowest rated component in your system.  This equipment has a 144 bar (14.4 Mpa, 2080psi, 144kg/cm2) maximum working pressure at 64 bar (6.4 Mpa, 960 psi, 64kg/cm2) maximum incoming air pressure.  If you are not sure about it, please call your distributor.

More Feature:
Pressure ratio 16:1 suitable to pump 140#-200# gear oil or general solvent.  We suggest please purchase the accessory Flow Meter, there are two options: M101 & M201, in order to realize the added oil volume.
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(1).capacity: 60L
(2).air input pressure: 4~9bar, 60~130psi
(3).oil output pressure: 64~144bar, 960~2080psi
(4).pressure ratio: 16:1
(5).delivery rate: 80c.c./cycle
(6).hose length: 10ft
(7).net weight: 26kgs
(8).gross weight: 30kgs
(9).CUFT: 11.2’

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Hydraulic Internal Gear Pump

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