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Hydraulic Oil Pump - OF501

Model: OF501
Hydraulic Oil Pump
Product details:    Model Number: OF501    Place of Origin: Taiwan   Brand Name: JOLONG
Quick details:    Air operated oil pump.

(1)Pump moves and oil suction are 2 separation systems.
(2)Use pneumatic pump, no need for electric power, can be safely used in the places like: gas station, car maintenance plant, technic workshops, service stations etc.
(3) Fashionable design and durable material.
Light weight and compact structure promise its 20000 continuous working hours.
(4) Use safety.
With easy operation system, the pump typically can be used in service stations for providing fast service.

More Feature:
Pressure ratio 1:1 suitable to pump 0#-120# engine oil or general solvent. If you want to know how much added oil volume is, please buy Flow Meter M101, M201.  If you want to pump the oil to the long distance, please buy Hose Real RE020.
Jo Long Machine provide the solution for comprehensive and completed lubrication and dosing lubrication, fueling and dispensing in order to satisfy the demands of manufacturers and overcome the grand challenge of production.

(2).air input pressure: 4~9bar, 60~130psi
(3).oil output pressure: 4~9bar, 60~130psi
(4).pressure ratio: 1:1
(5).delivery rate: 150c.c./cycle
(6).hose length: 20ft
(7).net weight: 9.2kgs
(8).gross weight: 11.2kgs
(9).CUFT: 1’

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Hydraulic Oil Pump

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