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We manufacture, supply and export beautiful and elegant Liquid Transfer Pump. And we offer the best working relationship with our customers, with many friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. We also have a strict 3-step quality control system to ensure you are getting the highest quality products made.
Liquid Transfer Pump - SK201

Model: SK201
Liquid Transfer Pump
Product details:    
Model Number: SK201    Place of Origin: Taiwan   Brand Name: JOLONG
Quick details:    Air operated fluid pump.

24 hours operation. Low noise. Smooth greasing.
Pump moves & oil suction are 2 systems.
Pump made of aluminum alloy by forging and parts are precise industrial grade.
Hose length is 10ft.
Blue Turkish tile color tank with handle and wheels.
Application: maintain motor, bicycle, auto, ship, machinery, transportation etc.

More feature:
Double acting for efficiency operation
No electricity required and ex- proof
Aluminum alloy bodies, the parts use a lot of top material and precise parts
High quality seals, long service life available
Our production facilities are CNC Lathes; CNC Machining centers; hydraulic press; professional, numerical and consistent production process; our testing facilities are video measuring machine; electric microscope and others.

(1).capacity: 20L
(2).air input pressure: 3~7bar,40~100psi
(3).grease output pressure: 165~385bar, 2200~5500psi
(4).pressure ratio: 55:1
(5).delivery rate: 2g/cycle
(6).gross weight: 17.5kgs
(7).CUFT: 5.5’

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Liquid Transfer Pump

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