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JO LONG MACHINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. are well established as one of the prominent m manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of the enormously fabricated collection of Metering Oil Pump. With an abundance of experience, backed by a team of highly qualified engineers, skilled personnel and technicians, the company brings with it a guarantee of quality, reliability and enduring commitment through continuous after sales service.
Metering Oil Pump - HV301

Model: HV301
Metering Oil Pump
Product details:    
Model Number: HV301   Place of origin: Taiwan    Brand Name: JOLONG
Main Points:    Air operated High viscosity fluid pump

High-rigidity aluminum alloy forged pump with industrial grade equipment, HV301 can extend product life more than 10 years.
Pump moves and grease suction in separate independent systems. Follower plate is able to reach the inside wall and bottom of barrel in order to reduce the residues that causes waste. Plus auxiliary cylinder can suck high-viscosity fluid. General 5 gallons barrel is compatible.

(1).Suitable for diverse fluids even high viscosity.
(2).Function well in pneumatic operated way.
(3).Applied for sucking, lubricating or precise dispensing purposes.

Very important function:
General 00# - 3# grease all can be infused into smoothly, if you have any special grease or any special requirement of your production line, please contact with us, Jo Long Machine have technical experts all have experience more than 20 years, they can design any type of high viscosity pump to meet your unique and different products.
HV301 perfectly can be used for dispensing production lines very smoothly, please see some cases as below:
paint oil on gear,
spray oil on gear,
infuse oil on oil seal,
paint oil on rubber cap,
spray oil on inner tube,
spray oil on auto parts,
infuse oil on gear box,
paint oil on ball,
infuse oil on steel bids,
infuse oil on auto parts etc.

We providing the solution for comprehensive and completed dosing lubrication, fueling and dispensing in order to satisfy the demands of manufacturers and overcome the grand challenge of production.

(1).capacity: 20L
(2).air input pressure: 4~9bar,60~130psi
(3).grease output pressure: 180~405bar,2700~5850psi
(4).pressure ratio: 45:1
(5).delivery rate: 9g/cycle
(6).hose length: 10ft
(7).net weight: 64kgs
(8).gross weight: 78.5kgs
(10).outside diameter length: 460mm
(11).outside diameter width: 420mm
(12).outside diameter min. height: 1140mm
(13).outside diameter max. height: 1400mm

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Further the use of best quality raw materials and advanced machinery equipment allows us to have a better control over our production processes, enabling us to produce

Metering Oil Pump

that meet the international standards in terms of quality, durability & finish.
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