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We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter of best quality Oil Heat Pump, factory in Taiwan. Our company-depth study of the product improvements, planning, introduction of new technologies, and emphasized that "priority service", "to protect the customer", "24-hour" for the purpose of career. Through our innovative engineering and mature experience, we have the ability to meet strict requirements, short delivery time, quality, and price competition is fierce. To be beneficial to both sides, we are the best choice for a partner to support you.
Oil Heat Pump - OF201

Model: OF201
Oil Heat Pump
Product details:
Model Number: OF201    Place of Origin: Taiwan   Brand Name: JOLONG
Quick details:    Air operated oil pump.

(1)Pump moves and oil suction are 2 separation systems.
(2)Use pneumatic pump, no need for electric power, can be safely used in the places like: gas station, car maintenance plant etc.

1. Can be for places with flammable substances.
2. It's an efficiently economy energy gasoline pump.
3. Portable and endurable.
4. Low malfunction and reliable &stable performance.
5. Easily maintained.

More Feature:
Pressure ratio 5:1 suitable to pump 0#-120# engine oil or general solvent. If you want to know how much added oil volume is, please buy Flow Meter M101, M201, for your option.  We are herewith providing our web site for more product information so that you can learn more about our products.  Thank you so much for your kind attention. Hopefully we could have your new orders to serve you very soon!

(2).air input pressure: 4~9bar, 60~130psi
(3).oil output pressure: 20~45bar, 300~650psi
(4).pressure ratio: 5:1
(5).delivery rate: 140c.c./cycle
(6).hose length: 10ft
(7).net weight: 22.5kgs
(8).gross weight: 26.5kgs
(9).CUFT: 9.5’

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Oil Heat Pump

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