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Pump High Pressure - HV201

Model: HV201
Pump High Pressure
Product details:    
Model Number: HV201    Place of Origin: Taiwan    Brand Name: JOLONG
Main points:    Air operated Pressurized fluid pump

This machine is a portable/fixed type lubricator that is for pumping grease lubrication for machines and vehicles. For using in factories, service stations, engineering workshops, armed forces etc.

(1)Dual pneumatic cylinder structure design brings higher stability during operation, more average actuation force and smoother fluid output.
(2)The design of the non-rubber seal can extract special fluids such as grease or ink.
(3)Suitable for original 5 gallon grease drum from every country.
(4)The pump is made of aluminum alloy by forging.

The delivery volume of grease of this pump is 34g for one cycle, this is large output flow design, this is suitable for production lines which requested for large flow, or for designed production. Meanwhile, please allow Jo Long Machine to express our most thanks for your great consideration and give attention for our product to selling into your market.  We will keep proceeding in “customers are our first priority” to continue supplying our best quality products as well as best services, hopefully we could have your new inquiry and purchasing to serve you very soon!
Sincerely, we look forward to some time you would come here to visiting our company in Taiwan Taichung to let us welcome you too.

(1).capacity: 20L
(2).air input pressure: 3~7bar,40~100psi
(3).grease output pressure: 96~224bar,1280~3200psi
(4).pressure ratio: 32:1
(5).delivery rate: 34g/cycle
(6).net weight: 110kgs
(7).gross weight:142kgs
(9).outside diameter length: 800mm
(10).outside diameter width: 750mm
(11).outside diameter min. height: 1200mm
(12).outside diameter max. height: 1600mm

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Pump High Pressure

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